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5 Cool Travel Destinations in Dallas

Dallas is a popular place, and you must visit when you are on vacation in Texas. Many interesting and beautiful spots that you can find there.

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1. Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures at Pioneer Plaza

The Dallas Convention Center manages this tourist attraction

This tourist attraction was built to resemble a part of the Shawnee Line. Even more surprising, In Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures, has many bronze statues that are bigger than Texas Longhorn cattle.

2. Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo is a 106-hectare park. Has been build in 1888, this zoo is the oldest in the United States. This zoo holds more than two thousand exotic animals from 406 species in various habitats. The location of this zoo is only about three miles from the city center.

3. Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower is the most prominent and quite famous tower in Dallas. This building was completed around 1978. The tower will be decorated with lights arranged in such a way and lights up at night. There is a geodesic ball perched on five cylindrical concrete poles.

4. Wichita Falls and Kell House

Another fun destination in Dallas is Wichita Falls. In addition to the waterfall, there you can also enjoy several other historical destinations. The Kell House Museum was built in 1909 and is dedicated to Frank Kell and his family. This museum is a testament to the history of Wichita Falls and exhibits pieces of first memories from the Kell family.

5. Boquillas Canyon

Dallas has many canyons that you can visit. One of them, namely are Boquillas Canyon. This beautiful cliff views are ready to pamper the eyes. Another exciting thing you can do is explore this place by using the boats available there.

That was five exciting natural attractions, and you should not miss when you are on vacation to Texas. Which one do you want to try first?

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