5 Effective Ways To Prevent Clogged Toilets During The Rainy Season

Who agrees that clogged toilets are one nightmare for every householder? Especially in Australia with the intensity of rain that has every season arrives, the possibility of clogged toilets becomes greater. If this has happened and you have difficulties to overcome it Local blocked drain plumber Melbourne is available for 24 hours.

Before this troublesome thing happens, consider the following 6 things to know how to effectively prevent clogged toilets, especially when the rainy season comes.

  1. Whether you have a toilet unit at home or not with an automatic flush machine, make sure you flush enough water after each use. Sometimes when the toilet is in prime condition, dirt will easily enter and disappear from the surface of the toilet pit. But that does not mean it is enough to prevent the toilet clogged. You need to keep watering enough water to ensure that dirt does not go out of sight but is also pushed well through the drains to the final disposal destination.
  2. It is highly recommended that you do the routine cleaning independently as often as possible. The good news, it turns out there are some ‘magic potions’ that you can easily get and make at home to help expedite the cleaning process to prevent clogged toilets. These ingredients include:
    • Fire soda or baking soda. Both function is to make organic impurities that have cracked and hard become softer and more easily dissolved and wasted.
    • Products made from enzymes. Similar to fire soda and baking soda, this is very effective to overcome the crust of organic impurities. In addition, enzyme-based products are also friendly to pipes.
    • Dishwasher soap. Pour enough soap and then let stand for approximately one hour until he reacts. Then rinse with water thoroughly. Alternatively, you can also use shampoo or pieces of bar soap.
    • Clothing bleach products. Just like the use of dishwashing methamphetamine, you only need to sprinkle or pour enough. Let stand, then rinse with water.
    • Special cleaning fluid. But keep in mind not to use this liquid too often because the chemical content in it is corrosive which can damage your pipeline.
  3. Choose those that are proven to have strong suction power. A strong signal You need this tool is when the water you flush into the toilet after use takes longer to disappear from the surface. If you have this, don’t even increase the amount of water because it will lead to water overflow.
    Bandages, cigarette butts, tissues, there are many things that we usually take for granted and just throw them into the toilet. If this habit is allowed, the risk of clogged toilet will automatically be greater. Find a list of other items that you need to keep out of the waterways here.
  4. The most ‘popular’ mistake for residents of the house is to assume that pipe maintenance is only needed when the pipe is blocked. Though ideally, you set yourself a routine schedule for doing pipeline maintenance. Because its role at home is so important, it doesn’t hurt to allocate some money for routine maintenance to prevent clogged pipes, right? Visit the website one of Melbourne’s best plumbing maintenance companies.
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