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Admission to the faculty: the importance of first impressions

“What’s her name?” Julia asked. And when it comes to networking with colleges, you might as well think. But what if I’m wrong?
Suppose you have decided that you are a fan of the University of Costalota and that you will, for example, send them an email with a question about the biochemistry program. This is a great idea. So you are sending this email and the person receiving your email Costalotta U sees in your inbox your email from Lak4Life or what if parti4eva?
What if because of your email name you sound like a sloth or like a partisan (and you’re not) outside of a potential candidate (who you are) they want to enter on campus?
Maybe your email address is a childhood nickname or is it based on a joke inside, like Education Info? When it comes time to look at your profile, do you really want people who are accepted to think you are “loved”?
And what if your display name might be perceived as offensive or simply weird?
Solution? Create a “college only” email with your first name or first and last name – you get the point. You can always forward email to a personal email address that you can continue to share with friends or use an email management program such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail to automatically check all email accounts.
Your email account with a name can only be boring, but it won’t leave a bad first impression on colleges (or future employers).
Another place where you can stay on top when it comes to a place where you could leave an impression is Facebook. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but you may never be able to say 10 words until you start explaining some weird photos you or a friend put up on your wall. Colleges (and prospective employers) can check your page (because you “liked” the college page) to learn more about you than is in your application.
If you say in your application that you like socially useful services, but you posted a case on your Facebook page that you (again) skipped the time to volunteer at the library, what do you think it could do for your application?
You only have one chance to leave a first impression. Part of your smart college plan should include some strategies to make sure the impression you leave with the colleges is good.
Your smart college scheduling plan:
Rate all the places where the faculty could get a “first impression” – your email address, your Facebook page, your Twitter account, Pinterest, Google + – wherever you are.
Give your online presence a “grandma” test – if you don’t want your grandma to see it, you need to make some changes!
Then change your email address, delete suspicious photos or data, and ban so-called friends who think it’s funny to put nonsense on the wall – do whatever it takes to make sure your first impression is good. It’s your name after all.

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