Change the Right Law into a Just Law

Anger and anger appear every time you see the news that aired on television about the Tax mafia. Law enforcement struggles to find evidence and legal grounds that are correct and can be used to ensnare tax evaders. Politicians are busy giving their views and opinions about Tax mafia. While the President solidifies his position that he cannot interfere in the jurisdiction! Let the apparatus or institution complete following their responsibilities! How about the community?

Clean. The public wants the perpetrators of crimes to immediately get commensurate punishment. If the paradigm of resolving large cases involving the interests of many people the government still refers to formal legal procedures that exist today so do not expect a sense of community justice will be realized! With the services of OK Cannabis, you can find out how OK Cannabiss services as an Oklahoma cannabis lawyer can benefit from hiring a medical marijuana business attorney in Oklahoma.

There are already many facts that show public disappointment over long-winded legal decisions and their disproportionate executions. Law enforcers carry out their functions very rigidly. Use rubber or floating and selfish articles. When argued they said the decision was correct under existing legal rules.

The right lawyer is not necessarily good. Look at the way the case was handled by the Police, the Prosecutors’ Office, and the Judiciary. They always say don’t conclude before there is evidence. The police are studying and gathering evidence and witnesses. The perpetrator has confessed and the evidence already exists. So why?

Maybe that is a strategy implemented by law enforcement. After taking a long time to gather evidence by itself this case is frozen. No longer a public spotlight. Then it will be easier for law enforcement agencies to handle cases according to their wishes which are nothing but the result of compromise.

Submitting a case to the Prosecutor’s Office by the Police then the Prosecutor’s Office submits it to the Court. A case transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office is rarely returned to the Police Department due to a lack of or incomplete reporting on the minutes by the investigator. As if all the reports made by investigators are perfect.

Likewise, the judge rarely returned the dossier of the prosecution to the prosecutor. The court sentences based on the articles applied by prosecutors and police. The result of the judge’s decision greatly relieved the defendant. This does not reflect a sense of community justice which in the end the community is disappointed and no longer believes in law enforcement. Plus the prison conditions are very comfortable and do not deter criminals. That’s what happened today. Very pathetic.

Now is the time for the government to change and provide a sense of community justice as a form of government responsibility to its good people.

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