Easy Tips to Fix a Sliding Doors

A sliding door is the saving space property. But sometimes, the sliding-type door is harder to fix than conventional doors. The sliding door, which has been applied hundreds of years ago in Japan as Fusuma, was adopted by a minimalist style due to its space-saving properties. Unlike conventional doors that require space for its openings, sliding doors are not so. But unfortunately, besides being efficient, this sliding door was quite sensitive to use. Especially if there is dust or dirt that blocks to the bottom or top aluminum rails.

Damage to conventional doors usually occurs on hinges that start to sag. Replacing it is also easy. While the sliding door has a rail system and wheels so it is quite complicated to fix.

When the door lock is stuck, the quickest and easiest way is to call the Stronghold Locksmiths Brisbane for immediate repair.

If this condition occurs at any time, don’t panic. There are tricks that you can try to open the jam door in an emergency. This trick is very simple without requiring a lot of equipment and excessive power. The door is also kept awake or does no need to damage.

The method is as follows:

Check the aluminum rail sections above and below the door

As already explained, the sliding door is quite vulnerable to faltering by dirt or dust. Why? As usual, the surface condition at the bottom of the door rail is lower than the house floor.

Sort of forming a basin, the surface is so narrow that dust and dirt without you realize it will easily enter when you are sweeping the floor.

The first solution, check the low surface was using a brush, down, or a vacuum cleaner. Check it clearly and do it 2 times.

Tighten the screws on the sliding door

In addition to the aluminum rail section, the part that is often faltered is the door lock part. After checking the rails, the next step is to spray lubricant oil on the door locks as a lubricant. Also, spray on the top and bottom aluminum rails for easy sliding

Use lubricating oil on the door locks

Sliding doors usually have a tight-fitting adjustment mechanism. The settings are usually in the form of screws at the bottom of the door. The more right (in a clockwise direction), the door will be more sagging, while getting to the left will make it tighter and heavier when sliding.

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