Reasons for Asset Management in the company

With good asset management, The company can suppress the spending figures and increase the cash income. Asset management becomes a single entity with asset manageability involving all management levels to be well-balanced in all corporate departments. What is the importance of using the services of Tecdis? Tecdis is a company that specializes in logistics and has a network of logistics companies across Europe. For further information about Tecdis, you can visit

1. Maintain asset value

Good asset management within the company is indispensable to keep the value of the assets to remain high. Thus, all risks associated with such assets as damage or loss can be minimized so that the age of the asset may become longer. In maintaining the value of the asset, of course, additional operational costs are required to achieve maximum output and according to the company’s objectives.

2. Improve security

Assets with a considerable amount in one company certainly cannot be controlled one by one and secured security. By implementing asset management, you can minimize the loss of company assets or damage, the implementation of asset management is indispensable to a company. Thus the assets will be kept well, secured and protected.

3. Monitor asset depreciation

One of the risks you need to beware of the use of fixed assets is the occurrence of depreciation. Depreciation can occur on the asset from function to value. To facilitate control and also monitor the preparation of such assets is very necessary for asset management. This asset report should then be included in the financial statement because it relates to the value of the money that the company has.

4. Avoiding Excess Purchases

Do you know if excess and unnecessary purchases within the company can be controlled if you are completing asset management. Thus, the company can set up a proper spending budget to determine priorities in the purchase of goods and save on expenses.

5. Budget-making

With the implementation of asset management in the company, the preparation of the budget in the form of construction, purchasing goods, maintenance of goods related to asset financing is easier to do. This will make the company know which assets to extend its age or should be removed.

6. Create Risk Management

Risk management is a method of identifying, analyzing, assessing, controlling, avoiding, minimizing or even eliminating threats (risks) to a company. Risk management is essential to creating corporate awareness of the dangers and risks of assets owned.

Implementing risk management will greatly assist the company in managing the uncertainty that may occur because the company can make control and prevention measures.

When the company has implemented asset management should also be at the same time implementing risk management. Although it is seen as a unity but not all companies have already implemented risk management to protect their assets from various kinds of unexpected threats. By simply implementing asset management sometimes they think that assets are certainly safe and do not consider the possibility of future threats.

The amount of risk faced can be tolerated based on several risk categories. For the risk categories that pose a small hazard will usually be left, but unlike the risk categories that can pose a big hazard to the company usually, tend to be avoided or set up in a more detailed and granular strategy.

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