Some Tourist Attractions in Phuket

The main destination for tourists to Phuket is marine tourism, from just sunbathing, swimming and playing water, to water sports. You could say the scorching heat of Phuket is very popular with tourists from Europe who are hungry for sunlight.

Phuket has several beaches with different characteristics, some are choppy, some are calm, white but rough sand and some are soft sand as soft as flour. If you have a lot of days, take the time to try out every beach there is with a motorcycle that can be rented around 100 Baht per day. For those of you who want luxury accommodations, there is also 4-star hotel Phuket choices with world-class facilities that can be your consideration.

Patong Beach

A sloping beach, with decent waves, Patong Beach is a place that must be visited if you are in Phuket. The security here seems guaranteed, you can put your bag on the beach without guard while you are free to swim alone. Dozens of hotels line the beach and its surroundings make this area very crowded with tourists and activities.

Kamala Beach

If you want a quieter beach atmosphere, please head north to Patong Beach (it should be a tuk-tuk because it’s quite far from Patong Beach). Kamala Beach is not very developed, there aren’t many hotels on the beach, and also the coastline is not as long as Patong.

Bang La Road

This road is like the heart of Phuket. Daytime is just an ordinary road but once the sun begins to set, the road is closed to vehicles, awakens and becomes the center of nightlife. This 500-meter long road serves souvenir shops on either side, as well as pubs and go-go bars.

Down a group of bars with pool dancers who are scantily clad may be suitable for men. Inviting a friend who has super eyes that can distinguish between real and fake women, it turns out they are all ladyboys, so watch out don’t be tempted. But you can just sit and enjoy music and beer. A bottle of Heineken beer at the bar costs 100-150 Baht.

Phuket Island Safari

Island Safari is a place to enjoy animal attractions ranging from elephants, monkeys, cows, to Bangkok chicken. The location is quite far from Patong, you have to rent a taxi or car to get here.

The main attraction is the elephant ride, where you ride on an elephant’s back and enjoy a 30-minute ride. The body will be shaken because of the back of an elephant that moves irregularly as an ironing board.

Besides that, we can watch the elephant, monkey, or animal entertainment shows on a train pulled by 2 buffaloes.

Simon Cabaret Show

A very famous show in the form of a ladyboy cabaret with beautiful costumes, this is roughly what was shown in the Simon Cabaret Show. The tickets are 700-800 Baht. In one day, there are only 2 shows, at 19.30 and 21.30.

The location is on Siri Rach Rd, to get here you can rent a tuk-tuk or walk.

At the end of the show, we had the opportunity to take a picture with the ‘figures’ in Simon Cabaret, so make sure we already have a target when watching the show. Of course, this photo session needs to give the usual 100 baths ‘tip’ for each ladyboy.

The Big Buddha

At the highest hill point on Phuket Island, an area to worship for Buddhists was built, with a giant white Buddha statue erected in a sitting position. This Buddha statue is easily seen when you come from the ferry pier. To get here at least you need to rent a car or taxi because the journey is quite far.

This area is still under construction, but we can go up to the base of the Buddha’s seat. We can make donations in the form of money, which later will take the form of a single stone plate that will be affixed to construction, and can also donate by buying souvenirs.

Wat Chalong

If you are interested in Thai architecture or want to worship Buddhism, Wat Chalong can be a stop on a tourist trip in Phuket.

Phuket Old Town

If you have time, you can also visit Phuket Old Town. Supposing like Chinatown in Singapore, what is sold here is the architecture of old-fashioned buildings.

Phuket Fanta Sea

With the tagline “Ultimate Nighttime Cultural Theme Park”, Phuket Fanta Sea is only open from evening tonight (17.30-23.30). Thursday is always closed, except for holidays that fall on Thursday.

The main attraction is Fantasy of a Kingdom, a show that combines singing, dancing, and animals such as elephants and tigers. Do not forget to include a sponsorship message from Thailand Tourism through cultural attractions. This show is only available once at 21:00. Make sure you have enjoyed other attractions before coming here.

The entrance ticket to the Phuket Fanta Sea is 1500 Baht per adult and is free to participate in all shows. You can buy an entrance ticket plus a dinner package for 1900 Baht/adult, which is an unlimited dinner at Golden Kinnaree Buffet, a very spacious dining room with hundreds of tables and a variety of food choices.

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