The reason for vacationing in Myanmar, a vacation spot in ASEAN

 Vacation abroad? It must be fun! But overseas vacation is not always synonymous with traveling to Japan or Europe. Sometimes, a vacation to Myanmar, which is still in the territory of the ASEAN countries, can provide an experience that is no less exciting than a vacation to another country.

 Staying at a comfortable hotel is one of the best ways to enjoy a trip, be it for a vacation or a business trip. You can find luxury 5 Star hotel Yangon one of them. Well, the moment to find the best hotel is also an important thing, especially for those of you who are planning a vacation in Myanmar.

 You can make Myanmar a destination for those of you who want to find new experiences while on vacation.

 Myanmar Tourist-Friendly Residents

 Want to go on a trip abroad? Make sure in advance that the country is conducive enough to explore it! Do not until after getting there later, you instead find a tense atmosphere…

 But it’s still calm, although in past Myanmar has a slightly conflicted track record of internal conflict, for now, the State of Myanmar is quite conducive to exploring. Besides, the natives there are also friendly with tourists who vacation there!

 Not just friendly! The services provided to the tourists continue to be improved from day today. So, no need to worry if you want to go on vacation to Myanmar!

 There is Bagan City, an Ancient City with Thousands of Temples!

 Traveling to Myanmar is a great choice for those of you who love the world of history. Here, there is an ancient city called Bagan, which has around 3,000 temples! The age of the city is also quite old. So do not be surprised if you will feel the sensation of the ancient city from the 11th century while traveling to the city of Bagan Myanmar.

 The designation of the village is more appropriate to be pinned to the Bagan area anyway. It’s just that, because this area is quite wide and holds 3,000 temples that are often visited by tourists who vacation in Myanmar, it is called a city!

 Want to go here? Don’t forget to guard the manners, Travel Mates! That is, please adjust how to dress and keep manners while in this ancient city. Even so, you can also take pictures as much as you like here! For that, always remember to bring your favorite camera when you want to travel here!

 Myanmar is the home of the Shwedagon Pagoda

 In addition to the ancient city that contains thousands of old temples, Myanmar also has many other historic attractions. One of them is Shwedagon Pagoda which is famous for foreign countries.

 Where foreign tourists, this pagoda is so iconic! Yes, the height of the building is about 360 feet. Then, the structure of the building which was 2,500 years old was coated in gold. Not only that, the crown above the pagoda is equally valuable! There are 5,000 diamonds, and thousands of rubies, sapphires, and others decorating on it! Very cool right?

 Because of the magnificence earlier, this pagoda has been maintained from time to time. One form of guarding is, tourists are not allowed to use footwear. For primal fashion also must be polite. At a minimum, you must wear trousers! But even if you’re not wearing trousers, you can rent a Yongyi sarong while you’re there. You must remember when you are on vacation in Myanmar later!

 Delicious Myanmar Food!

 Myanmar is a multi-cultural country. There is a wide variety of dishes, which are also more or less influenced by the culture of neighboring countries.

 In addition to tasting delicious Myanmar specialties such as curry and spicy soup, Travel Mates can also find Chinese, Thai and Indian dishes! Even for halal food, it’s not difficult to find.

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