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Want to have a slim body? These are the Detox Diet Facts

The detox diet was a trend and got quite a lot of enthusiasts. This diet is interesting to do because besides being able to streamline the body, it is also useful for cleaning the body from toxins or harmful substances. If you are interested, let’s first find out the facts about the following detox diet.

Overview of the Detox Diet

Without realizing it, through our daily habits and lifestyle, such as the food we eat, the air pollution we breathe, and from the water we drink, we are accumulating toxins in the body. Although the liver and kidneys in the body can naturally get rid of toxins that are released through sweat, urine and feces, there are still toxins that are not removed.

The remaining toxins will over time accumulate and cause various health problems, such as acne, headaches, fatigue, and so on. The detox diet is believed to be able to shed toxins until the body is completely clean, so that the body will avoid stress, hormonal imbalances, and inflammatory conditions.

A detox diet is carried out by fasting, avoiding processed foods, fatty foods and carbohydrates. Instead, dieters are only allowed to consume certain foods or drinks that have a high fiber content, such as fruits, vegetables, juices, or water. This way, the intestines will be empty, the toxins that have settled can be removed, and you will lose weight.

Detox Diet Facts

To date, there is no scientific information to prove that a detox diet is beneficial. In fact, to rid the body of toxins, it is not necessary to go on a detox diet. Our bodies can naturally cleanse toxins and no toxins will settle in any part of the body, because body cleansing is done all the time. Through sweat, urine, and feces that we remove, toxins will also be removed. Certain supplements can also help, one supplement that can detoxify toxins, as well as help with weight loss, is proven.

Even so, you are still advised to eat foods that contain high fiber, drink lots of water, so that the body can clean toxins naturally. In addition, limit the consumption of sweet foods, foods that are packaged in cans, processed foods, and foods that are very fatty, so that the body remains healthy and avoid toxins.

Effects of a Detox Diet on Body Weight

There is still little scientific research investigating the effectiveness of detox diets for weight loss. Meanwhile, some people may experience rapid weight loss after following the diet. This appears to be due to loss of fluids and carbohydrates in the body rather than fat. Because of this, the weight loss usually doesn’t last long. People on a detox diet will usually return to normal weight once they stop the diet.

If a detox diet involves a very extreme reduction in calories, it will inevitably lead to weight loss and increased metabolism, but usually only temporarily.