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Why Consumers Prefer Australian Made Products?

The latest research found that consumers, especially Australian consumers, prefer to choose local products. The research found that 80{dcd9518b53e20ddbb7d62d141563748150d53b77ac008a9dc0def50ecede3a7d} of Australians prefer to choose and buy Australian made foods and drinks, 70{dcd9518b53e20ddbb7d62d141563748150d53b77ac008a9dc0def50ecede3a7d} prefer locally made kids and baby care products, and 72{dcd9518b53e20ddbb7d62d141563748150d53b77ac008a9dc0def50ecede3a7d} prefer Australian made products for pet care. One of the most essential reasons why consumers prefer to choose and buy Australian local products is because of better quality. In addition, they also want to support local businesses and communities as well as support local job creation.

When consumers buy Australian local products, they know what they are buying and getting. The products are made by using the highest and best manufacturing standards and this is one of the many reasons why the demand for original Australian Made Products keeps growing. All of the certified Australian locally made products have the gold and green Australian made logo. Almost all Australians, which are around 99{dcd9518b53e20ddbb7d62d141563748150d53b77ac008a9dc0def50ecede3a7d} of them are aware of the Australian made logo. And most of them, which are around 84{dcd9518b53e20ddbb7d62d141563748150d53b77ac008a9dc0def50ecede3a7d} of Australians relate the logo with supporting local employment and local jobs.

More than half of Australian people also relate the Australian made logo with high-quality local products as well as ethical labor. Around 88 percent of Australian people believe that products which feature the logo are locally made or locally grown.

The research also mentioned that the consumers’ trust in the gold and green Australian made logo is strong. The study also showed that 9 out of 10 Australians tend to choose and buy Australian locally made products. If they fail to find high-quality local products they want, they will opt for the ones from Australia’s main trading partners, such as the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Then, followed by the US, Germany, Japan, and Canada. The conclusion why consumers prefer to buy Australian made products is because of better quality, local industries and local jobs support. They know that the products they buy are made with highest and best manufacturing standards. In addition, their awareness of the importance of supporting local products is very high. If you want to support the country’s local industries as well when you travel to Australia, you can buy items in local shops there.

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